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I'm the writer of the most viewed story in the Dimensions Library, by far. There are lots of reasons for this, particularly the length (my average is probably about 2000 views per post of continued story). Regardless, the story has remained popular for over three years now.

My story features a long, slow gain (in installments, not long in time-lapse in the story--it's still a ridiculously fast gain) of a traditional weight gain fiction heroine (blonde ex-cheerleader, yeah, yeah), but it also features extensive character development, plot twists, and distinct stylistic elements. It's a fairly cerebral read, although there's plenty of what passes for erotica for those of us weight-gain-fetish-inclined.

Despite the massive number of reads, I get few comments. Every now and then I get positive feedback, but rarely, and rarely is that feedback all that extensive.

Other library writers write stories and get a prolific number of effuse statements about them. I usually find those stories compelling as well, but they are not the drawn-out, more cerebral reads mine is.

Does this affect me? A bit. I would love effusive praise. Wouldn't anyone? But my story doesn't appeal in that way. But I still know that it appeals: my hits are in the six figures, and every now and then I get some nice feedback.

From what you've described, you had some interest. You also noted that your modeling appeal doesn't fit the typical profile. I'm sure it would be wonderfully flattering to get the effusive praise some of the other models get. But the appreciation you got was a bit different. But it was still there. I've seen people get disparaging comments. It doesn't seem that you got that about your work.

Everyone's right, as well as you: despite what people say, modeling as an experiment can't be expected to boost your self-confidence.

Why do I write? Because I have to. I have an idea I want to get into print, despite the sometimes agonizing labor. I get some appreciation from others for that, but that appreciation wouldn't be enough to sustain the effort for long without being compelled to write. If you want to make pictures, do it. Make them quality. Learn from people who do it how to best be an appealing model in style and personality, then do what you can in your particular niche to the best of your ability. But if it's a self-development experiment, your appeal would have to be extremely high to give you the boost you appear to be looking for. There are plenty of attractive people in this world who don't turn out so appealing when placed on stage or digital media. I hope you choose to focus on the good feedback you got, put the rest you didn't get in perspective, and look to real-life accomplishment for a confidence boost.
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