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Being a paysite model is not easy. I've been doing it since I was 18. only 3 yrs, but i started at a time when my confidence was SO LOW. I just got out of highschool where people tear you apart for being larger than average.
Anyways, You have to have thick skin and be completely comfortable with who you are like Saisha said above. you have to take everything with a grain of salt. When I started out, i didnt make alot, and i still know of several bigcuties, that make alot more than me, but it never stopped me! and i think your age doesnt matter. kelliekay and Ash are over 30, even though they are quite huge, age is still just a number! A large thing is being friendly and getting yourself out there, talking to people, taking time to get to know fans. I've grown to love talking with fans, and it may be hard to keep up, but it does pay off. I have realized, paysite modeling doesnt just come like "VOILA!" it takes months and months of hardwork, sometimes even a year or longer to build up a following of fans that appreciate you as a model. And you're ALWAYS going to have people judging you. so having the thick skin helps so much. when i get nasty messages calling me fat and disgusting I laugh it off. When i was 18, that stuff would hurt, but i've built up a skin, and with that skin, my confidence keeps me from getting hurt by fat shamers, or rude men. goodluck to everyone. and I'm sorry this all didnt work out for you abby. I thought you were absolutely cute! and i liked your updates. Goodluck on future ventures, whether in paysite, or not. Hugs.
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