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Some month ago we were on a big party an after some drinks and a little bit dancing we went together to the bathroom. After closing the door my gf looked a the scale under the sink and asked: do you think this is strong enough too weight me? I answered: you will try it! And then she put her feet on the the scale. It screams a little bit because of her shoes and then it said ERROR!! Cool, I am too heavy for this scale! This made us very hot, she leaned backward on the sink and when we kissed us she slid her butt constantly higher onto the sink and brought more and more weight on it. The poor skink made loud creaking sounds and with every creak we got hotter but then she stopped and jumped of the sink: We must stop immediately or we will break it. It bend strongly downward. After we had cooled down we looked to the sink again. Between the wall and the sink there was a clear gap! We are then individually back to the party and soon home!!!!
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