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Default fetishes and the FA

Ever since I was young I have been drawn to fat women. I never understood it ive never been able to explain it and ive never wanted to have it any other way. When I think back though I feel as if one of my fetishes may have influenced my interest in larger women.

I know there are quite a few fetishes that are attached to fat admirations that include but are not limited to: Feederism, giantess, smothering, belly fetish, and vore. Also fat admiration can and often does exist independent of any of these fetishes. But in my case I feel as if the fetish maybe the cause of my admiration.

I am really into belly fetish and vore and they with my fat admiration seem to work together in some strange impossible sexual fantasy. So do you think that your fetish may have inspired your fat admiration or that your love of fat men or women exist independently?
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