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bmwm2001 can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbmwm2001 can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

The majority of bigger women that i know are mums in their 30s or more and whilst they arent feedees nor bbw enthuiasts, they are loved for their bodies by their partners not because they ARE fat, but because they love them completely and entirely.
I see them as sexy because of their size and envy their husbands/boyfriends for finding them sexy regardless of size.
I could tell a large number of my friends (ranging from 250lbs to 400, from age 22 to 45) to model and they might do well but their hearts won't be in it because being beautiful for being themselves to their partners matters so much more.
It matters more to them because it DOES matter more.
I can enjoy their pictures because of their weight, but their boyfriends can enjoy them for the person she is - someone who eats big meals with her family, someone who goes to bars to enjoy friends company, not to be hit on by guys, someone who shows off her gorgeous body to her husband in privacy who enjoys it 20X more than a picture on the Internet.

I can enjoy your body because i find it beautiful, but it is nothing compared to the love it will get from someone who loves the whole package.

You are gorgeous and i envy the guy who gets to be with you when you order a big take out, who gets to watch you get dressed up and tells you that you are beautiful, who gets to watch you get undressed and tell you that you are beautiful, and who gets to spend weekday night sat next to you in your pyjamas with no makeup and still tells you that you are beautiful and mean it just as much.

You are gorgeous. Believe it

Daniel xxx
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