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Wow. ..ok just 2 cent here since most every one has already said what I'd say too. Im most certainly not in my 20's anymore but most ppl have no idea my age..Beauty is what you think of yourself.*NOT* how much money you made or could have made on an adult website. I did it for years, some weeks were good, others not good. I didn't judge the way *I* felt based on mens or womens comments. I posted my pics cuz I enjoyed it, and I met some great ppl in the business as well. Sadly, I had to stop, and even though im certainly NOT in my 20's, I still get hit on and from time to time I've had old fans ask when I'm going to get a site up again. Not sure at this point it'll ever happen again but I do miss it.

The internet has become soooooooooo saturated with bbw porn and for ANY new girl that doesn't have a specific niche that's all her own, or very rare, its hard to make big bucks with an adult website. Focus on yourself Not what you think others might think of you. You need to remind yourself you are beautiful everyday You'll have to forgive me since I've not seen your content but from the comments I've read, you *are* go with it... go look in the mirror and tell yourself just that!

My point is, dont look at webmodeling so negatively. It takes a LOT of guts to post sexy or even nude pics anywhere on the net so be proud of yourself just for that fact. If u dont feel like having your own site, dont fret over it. There are TONS AND TONS of men that LOVE to look at your photos and never leave comments. ..just cuz they don't doesn't mean they dont like them.

Again, focus on yourself...inner beauty must come first, and with that comes self confidence, and with that, your outer beauty will shine
Awww the beautiful Chicklets, one of the most beautiful Ssbbws. I first saw her when I was like 19 (now Im 31) GOOD TIMES we miss you Miss Chicklets!
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