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Hi all. First post here.

I'm afraid I've never been someone who analyses things, or myself, too deeply.

I know what I like, what makes me enjoy life, what makes me smile, what I want to pursue.

With regard to sexual preference I realised that overweight women, and the whole concept of gluttony / lack of fitness, really turned me on when I was on my early teens.

It's never been all-consuming, but as I get older it forms a bigger part of my existence.

I'd summarise it thus: if I had the opportunity to get it together with one of a pair of twins. Both very good looking. One is really fit, goes to the gym regularly, muscular, hint of a six pack. The other does very little exercise, eats too much, and as a consequence is flabby and out of shape.

I'd fancy both. Have a great tine with either. But given the choice: curvy soft girl every time. I'd never get bored, never fall out of lust.

It's how I'm wired.
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