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Default The BBW within: my gf's weight gain journey

Brenda was skinny throughout High School and College. She was cute and perky, but she was also “skin and bones”. She barely could maintain 108lbs on her 5’ 3” frame.

She had beautiful round, but small breasts, and very well defined stomach muscles, but you could always see her rib and collar bones. Her butt was slightly larger, and her hips were somewhat wide. As a college senior she measured 34-24-38.

It wasn’t as though she didn’t eat: in fact, she snacked constantly. Her daily meal routine featured a large breakfast, her lunch always had a dessert, as did her dinner. She would also have an afternoon sweet snack, and in the evening she would often eat a bag of chips. This was balanced by the constant walking she did (she never drove anywhere), and the volleyball and jogging that she did. Almost every weekend, she would go to parties, and snack, drink and dance all night long.

The very first date that Brenda and I had was to a buffet, and she stuffed herself silly. She even had three desserts! I had dated girls of all sizes before (Bren was the skinniest), but none showed such a zest for life and passion for food.

When she graduated from college, everything changed: except her eating habits.

She never walked anymore, she only drove. She stopped jogging and playing volleyball. She added a Starbucks latte as a mid-morning snack and her mid-afternoon snack became multiple donuts Bren became addicted to donuts! Within 3 months, she had put on an incredible 30 pounds!

Her upper arms filled out, and the ribs and collar bones started to be covered by thicker flesh. Her breasts swelled up to 36Bs. Her stomach softened — it wasn’t fat or chubby, but it had lost its tone and her abdomen developed a noticeable bulge. Her butt and thighs swelled. Interestingly, Brenda was happy with this transformation: she was comfortable with this new normal. And this turned me on even more.

After the initial big gain, her increase slowed somewhat, until the next year, when a new girl started at her company. Janet was a red-headed BBW, close to 250 pounds herself, and she loved to snack too. The two would go through a box of donuts a day! Also, Janet and Brenda would often go to lunch together, and each would have a full lunch with dessert. When Janet started working with Brenda, she had gotten up to 150lbs: within 6 months, she found herself up to 190.

At 150, Brenda was slightly chubby: her abdomen was larger and her arms and thighs were thicker. At 190 she was now a sweet plumper! Her belly had now formed a fat double belly, her hips and behind were big and round, her thighs were fleshy, and her breasts were now 38D melons. Bren excitedly started referring to herself as curvy.

Over the next three years, her weight steadily climbed to where she’s now a glorious BBW herself: size 22-24, 40DD, weighing in at 240lbs. She’s since stabilized at this size. Clearly, my lovely Bren was a beautiful fat girl trapped in a skinny girl’s body: and that BBW has been released.

Brenda will sometimes look at pictures of her skinny self and remark that she was way too thin. I look at the pictures and tell her that she was cute as a skinny girl, but now she’s even better looking. I think she's hawt now!

When I hold her and squeeze her, her softness feels wonderful: life is good!
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