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I call myself a lifelong FA because ever since I first became interested in girls, I have gravitated toward chubby and fat females. I definitely view it as a preference and not a fetish. In junior high, I was immensely turned on by girls and teachers with thick thighs and full hips, and not so attracted to truly fat girls. As I have grown older and been a long-time member of boards like these, my preferences have expanded to include the beauty and sexual allure of super size BBWs (300 to 500 lbs.) as well.

I have always been turned on by big bellies on women, which has evolved to liking to look at huge male bellies as well and loving my own big belly. And watching a woman stuff herself and her belly expand (as many of my female relatives would do during holiday get-togethers), definitely fueled my adolescent and teenage sexual fantasies and develop my attraction to stuffing as a turn-on as well. I would call my love of big bellies and attraction to stuffing definitely fetishes. They do not have to be present for me to be turned-on or attracted to a woman but they definitely add pleasure to my overall sexual arousal.

My love of fat women is definitely a preference but one I could not change even if I wanted to. I have been hot wired that way every since I can remember and while I can look at an attractive slim or regular size woman and say to myself "Boy she is nice looking" and even compliment her as such, the only way I can get sexually turned-on is if a woman is chubby or fat. Such preferences is what makes life so rich. Different strokes for different folks.
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