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Originally Posted by joswitch View Post
The vibe I got from Mago's post is that she is waiting for the guy to offer his number? rather than doing the asking herself...
No you misinterpreted. I'm not waiting on guys to give me their numbers. I'm approaching guys and they're rejecting me consistently. Hence the problem.

A few stories to further illustrate the struggle:
There was the guy whose roommate I used to be friends with. I asked him if he wanted to hang out over the weekend more then once he kept saying no so I backed off.

There was a guy at a bar who I approached. He bought me a drink we talked for like five minutes then he walked a way as soon as his people wanted him to so I couldn't even ask for his number.

There was one at a bar who I talked to til the place closed, he gave me his number and his facebook. I thought it was super promising til the next day I see on his facebook that he's engaged. So he basically led me on for no reason.

There are two hot BHM's at my work one is gay the other is married.

I'm taking a class right now where there's one I'm very attracted to but he's Christian and Republican which I just can't do.
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