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Originally Posted by Yakatori View Post

Heh...Well, not really for "no reason" at all. Definitely-interested. In something. Just not the same thing.

Possibly-attracted, but maybe you said something which telegraphed either physical or relational incompatibility. Maybe just being kind or polite. Or maybe just a bit demure. This is your target-area, for more & better practice.
Ha yeah you're right. I don't know if he was trying to cheat on his fiance though just because he gave me his facebook page which clearly said it. Eh who knows how people work.

You're other advice sounded good too in the previous comment, I don't know how to do the multiple quote thing so I can answer bits of it.

And as for what Durin said, yeah I'd date a gamer. I just don't know any. I'm not really into that sort of thing so I don't meet anyone who is generally.

Though that makes me wonder if I should develop some nerdier interests to meet guys instead of just going to bars to meet guys. I'm kind of a nerd but not in social ways that involve interacting with people. Either I spend my time doing stuff I enjoy alone or doing stuff with the specific intent of meeting new people/what my friends enjoy (i.e. going out to parties/bars/clubs).
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