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FrankBell has said some nice things

That FUPA area between the navel and crotch is so personal when it gets all soft and squishy. You really have to love your partner to let them explore that intimate area. I like to approach it like a bowling ball and stick my thumb in a woman's deep bellybutton and then grasp the flab rolls with my fingers and pinch and shake that blubber. When you have any kind of a gut that roll of flab can never be sucked in and pulled out of that grip.

My lower belly pooch feels like a freshly baked Dunkin' Donuts jelly filled doughnut. It's about that size when grabbed with the Vulcan fatroll grip but is even softer than those donuts that I eat too many of. I love for a lady to grasp that part of my long as she has a similar area for me to play with on her body. I'm uncomfortable with an unfat girl playing with my flab, if she doesn't have very much of a belly then she at least has to have a big arse and thunder thighs instead....
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