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voluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot pics

I have realized that not only do I like Fat women but I actually need a little role play for it to be best with weight gain (Real or discussing already how Fat they have gotten). Weight gain is a huge turn on for me with regard to sex.

For me it is always so much better when it is the woman you are in a loving relationship with and for me my wife that is gaining weight and getting Fat. I also love mutual weight gain and consider this to be the most erotically stimulating to me. Nothing sexier than both of our bellies getting really big and getting in the way of making love and it becomes a real struggle with them bouncing, jiggling and pushing each other away from being able to make love missionary style.

A perfect scenario or Fantasy come true would be for my wife to keep gaining weight and always want to talk about her gaining and tease me with how Fat she is becoming. She then all of a sudden becomes so turned on by me gaining weight and she lusts for us to make each other Fat together in a Mutual Gaining relationship.
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