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Originally Posted by Jeeshcristina View Post
I can admire chubby and fat arms, but I have to admit they are the one part of me that I'm self conscious of. I wish I could get over always needing to grab a cardigan.

My wife does the same thing with the cardigan at times......but I love it equally because her soft fat upper arms strain the thin fabric of the sleeves making a delectable look and almost highlighting her beautiful Fat arms.

The other thing not mentioned in this thread yet is a description of these types of Beautiful upper arms. I love all types ranging from super pillowy creamy white smooth and really tan and plump.

My wives arms drive me crazy with arousal.... being so soft, Fat and always sun kissed tan with just a subtle hint of cellulite and when she gains weight it always shows up last in her arms and all of a sudden they become much bigger overnight after a big weight gain. They almost become equally prominent as her breasts. She then can't fit them into any of those cardigan sweaters or dresses with sleeves....or t shirts for that matter. When wearing tank tops her arms along with her over inflated breasts become almost mesmerizing both of them jiggling and squishing into one another.

I am infatuated & love Fat arms!!!
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