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I've been married to a Reubenesque woman for over eight years. I love every curve and dimple on her body - I don't need a 36-24-36 woman or some skinny bitch who counts every calorie and has no figure whatsoever. If anything, I don't care if she weights 600 pounds as long as she's happy with it and isn't in imminent risk of death.

However, she always had a problem with feeling embarrassed by her size. On airplanes, she always needed a seat belt extender - however, I as the loving husband would save her the embarrassment by asking for one for myself and quietly slipping it to her. Another situation full of embarrassment was going to hockey games - I LOVE hockey and have turned her into a fan, and this past year we went on two trips centered around games. However, in both cases, because of her size, we had to go to handicapped seating (and in St. Paul, MN, that's WAY up in the nosebleeds, although at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, I couldn't fit in the seats either but that may be because I'm ridiculously tall.) Of course, at games I embarrass her anyway by shouting at the refs.

However, for me it's a small price to pay. For her? I understand why she chose to have WLS even if I secretly wish she could be her old size without the health scares.
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