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voluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot pics

I personally never really looked at my situation with my wife as contrast but I guess it is. I always have been attracted to shorter curvy/Fat pretty women although I have gone out with taller ones in the past as well.

I happen to be 6' 3" and my wife is 5' 3" although for at least a year while dating she always had wedge heels on that we're 5" tall that made her much taller it wasn't till I finally realized she was way shorter which I thought was really cute and sexy .....not to mention she looked much fatter to me when she was down at that height.

It wasn't till I started gaining weight and then intentionally started gaining that I noticed the contrast to be kind of exciting for my wife. She was gaining weight herself (not on purpose....just a good appetite and sweet tooth) but was at least 30 lbs. Less down from her highest of 200 lbs. She never really mentioned how much weight I gained of how big of a Gut I know had but she seemed to like snuggling into the new bigger me. Love making was unbelievable for me with my new huge Gut and extra 50 Lbs. She seemed to really like my new size and I found her snuggling into me much more. I am not sure if she seemed to like my bigger size because of the so called contrast or she like herself feeling smaller next to me even though around many of her friends she would be considered pretty Fat next to them. For me I think the ultimate wouldn't be the contrast for both of us to get bigger....that seems even more enjoyable. Two really big bellies actually hindering penetration gets me weirdly aroused just thinking about fact even at our weights we had to manipulate and maneuver a bit with our bellies getting in the way....but the thought of not being able to at all just seems pretty damn arousing.
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