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FFA frustration: I go to a small private college which is unbelievably dominated by tan fraternity athletes. I think I've seen two or three larger men on campus, and even they looked like stereotypical Greek life jocks. The only men I've found attractive in body and personality are taken. The joys of being a sapiosexual adipophile nerd. The worst part is that a surprising number of men (and women) I've met lately have told me I'm pretty or made advances, none of them my type. It's like pouring salt on a wound. Anyway, I'm such a shy voyeur I probably wouldn't be able to approach a man I found attractive, but would just stare from the shadows like the creepy person I am. What I wouldn't give for a sexy, smart BHM...

On the funny side, another FFA frustration is that whenever people around me talk about gaining weight or binge eating I just kind of zone out and have to pretend I can still hear what they're saying. Or when an SSBHM especially is in the vicinity I have a really hard time paying attention to anything else.
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