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Thank you ladies! The world must be a wonderful place, since there are people like you who will share your kind words and encouragement with a stranger that seeks for them. I really appreciate it!

The medical school is one month away, but I have had chance to get acquainted with my class through a Facebook group, and although I am not the oldest, I probably will be the fattest, but so be it. I just have to put aside my insecurities for a moment and embrace the opportunity I've got. I know some people will have their concerns and I might have some other difficulties such as with the professional clothing (will there be any white coats I will fit into?), but I have earned my place, I know it. And being on my second career I definitely do have more experience in may aspects of life than the 19/20 year olds who are my fellow students.

That being said, I probably will be worried about my physical presence until the first day of the semester and most likely even after that, but I guess I just have to try and be myself and enjoy.
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