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Hi all,
Fairly new here, although I do use a couple of other forums related to this lifestyle choice.
Always been attracted to larger ladies, since I hit puberty, and never found anything attractive or sexy in the usual model type women. I really dislike fake add-ons, ie fake breasts, ladies plastered in make-up, hair extensions, false eyelashes, etc. I think ladies are beautiful with a more natural look, and womanly figure, instead of those lollypop women (big heads and stick bodies).

Name: Nik
Age: 46
Location: England
Profession: Van Driver
Music: I love allsorts it's my passion. Oldskool Rave / Hardcore Jungle Techno, House, Trance, Prog Rock, jazz, Folk, Rag, & more
Likes: Fitness / Weights, Wing Chun (Kung Fu), Mountain Biking, Music Production, Radio Communications, People with manners.
Dislikes: Bully's, aggressive people, rude & ill mannered folks, fake persona's, prejudice & small-mindedness.
About me: Recently got married to my beautiful curvy wife, I have a daughter studying at uni, and my secret to a happy life is to put hobbies & fun before money and material possessions.
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