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I have been reading this thread, and digesting (excuse the pun) the thoughts.
Personally, I think that you cannot fool yourself when it comes to sexual attraction.
If you 'use your imagination' to get aroused, and then just 'go through the motions' because you feel like it's your duty, then you are not only doing your wife a disservice, you are also cheating yourself too. If you don't find her sexually stimulating, then there is no point in faking it.
You will both be happier if you found another solution (open relationship, a split, or some other).....
Unless you are both happy to 'not have any more sex' (and lets be honest, if couples are both happy to do that, then fair play to them), then sex is a part of that relationship and is important. Of course, not being able to have sex for medical reasons is a different thing, as long as the 'want' is there, that's the important feeling to have.
I have been with my partner for 26 years, and only just got married a couple of months ago. I have already discussed if we get to the point where we don't fancy each other sexually, then we should talk about the options.
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