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Originally Posted by agouderia View Post
The issue you're referring to Becky, is not the meaning of the term BBW, which as loopy already pointed out, is neutral - but it's prevalent use.

Although it's also used in and associated with the size-acceptance movement, it's numerically predominant use today is in the sphere of fat fetish erotica and porn. Simply because in the days of ubiquitous internet porn that's where you will find the bulk of material.

As a term it's virtually unknown in the mainstream media. None of the steadily increasing number of women who advocate more body-positivity and fat acceptance today - think curvy blogs, plus-size fashion publications, etc. - use it. Neither for themselves or others.

So it's use currently is more or less limited to the 'smut' section - leaving it on scorched earth. It's difficult for a term to get out of that corner again - there are very few examples (like gay) where this ever worked.
thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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