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I have an interesting story. I am more attracted to chubby or plump girls, that is not to say I am sometimes very attracted to very big woman but overall my main attraction is chubby or plump girls. My wife when I met her was just that, plump or chubby. She then put on around 30 or 40 pounds and my attraction never wavered. She is the love of my life and will always be sexy to me. Then when she got pregnant she actually lost like 25 or 30 pounds which the doctor said was safe. When she had our son she kept it off for a few months but put that weight back on. Now she went on a really good diet and lost around 40 pounds and she looks fantastic. She is keeping it off this time and going for more in a few months. As Happily married said its more about her happiness. If it makes her feel good then you have to live with it. I hope she doesn't go any lower than 170 pounds but its up to her in the end. I will love her no matter what.
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