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Default Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

Seasonal Expansion

by Ssaylleb

The Thanksgiving spread beckoned, the dining table stoutly bearing the massive load of food ready to be devoured. The hostess, Emily, smiled as she heard her son’s SUV pull up outside. At 245 lbs she knew she was beyond plump, but she carried the weight well with a round softness all over.

First in was her daughter-in-law Carla, who always watched her figure to the point of obsession. She liked to give the image of a very ascetic person, who ate very frugally and exercised like mad, priding herself on her svelte figure even at age forty. She didn’t stop there though; she made life a misery for anyone who allowed any extra pounds to accumulate on their body and had always been the thorn in Emily’s happy family.

Even at the office Carla was known to put down any woman who came back from a holiday with a softer belly than before, not hesitating to poke said soft belly or patting an overly padded derriere with a rude comment.

Carla’s husband Rick and their 18 year old daughter Alina followed. Rick was not huge but over the years most of his muscle had given way to flab and he now sported a nicely rounded gut at some 220 lbs. They both knew without saying that if Carla let up he’d have allowed himself to become much fatter. Alina was medically ranked as slightly overweight at 160 lbs on a 5’2 frame but she was very happy with her body and self-confident despite her mum’s interference. Rick and Alina put up with Carla’s snarky comments and enjoyed sneaking the occasional McDonald’s or ice cream together as an inside “fatties” secret.

Emily’s daughter Tara walked in last, a younger and slightly slimmer version of Emily, though still beautifully plump at some 210 lbs. Back when Rick and Carla married some twenty years earlier, both Tara and Emily had been much slimmer. In the intervening years they had been at the receiving end of Carla’s sharp tongue as their sedentary and indulgent lifestyles led the pounds to accumulate on their bodies. Carla was often downright rude with her comments, having in the past compared her daughter to a pig in a trough, her sister-in-law to a stuffed sausage or her mum-in-law to a beached whale.

Things seemed to have changed though over the past month or two. Carla maintained her figure through a violent exercise regime as in fact she ate slightly more than she let on. In fact she sometimes enjoyed sharing snacks with all the greedy pigs around her, her husband and daughter, colleagues, so that she could prove that all it took was a gym discipline to keep in shape.

Then last August she had hurt her ankle. Unable to work out for two weeks she noticed with dismay that she was predisposed to fat and accumulated an extra four pounds in those two weeks alone. She tried to eat less but found that lying about at home with nothing to do it was all too easy to scarf a bag of cookies while watching TV, or to order Chinese take out instead of making a salad. When she got back to work she found it harder to resume her old habits, and it was impossible to refuse donuts or pastries when they were brought in.

Once her ankle healed, she trotted off to her gym happy to finally attack the flab and reclaim her skinny look. Only as she arrived outside the gym she found it closed and cordoned off with police tape. A quick ask around and she learned that the entire building had been deemed structurally unsafe and no access was allowed.

Any other person might have found another gym, but this was the only one conveniently located between work and office. Carla was scared to run outside alone in the dark, so she found herself still eating more, but not burning anything off. As the end of November rolled around, the gym announced that it would be re-opening in January. By this point, Carla’s new lifestyle with more food and no exercise had lead to a gain of 16 pounds. Extremely self-conscious, she did all she could to hide it, wearing more forgiving clothes and sucking it in pretty much all day long. Although people around her noticed, no-one said anything, wondering whether the skinny bitch was finally getting fat. Still, for the time being they enjoyed a Carla who was less critical of others.

Once the Thanksgiving dinner started, no-one said anything but they all noticed Carla guzzling down apace with her chubbier table-mates. Tara and Emily exchanged glances, eyebrows were raised. Dishes were passed around the table and everyone helped themselves, succulent roasted turkey accompanied by pools of sauce, perfectly baked potatoes: crunchy outside but soft and moist inside.Everyone had a generous helping, then seconds. Then thirds.

Thanksgiving lunch ended and they all waddled off to laze on the sofa, Carla’s belly pushing out her skirt. After they all dozed for a while, Rick’s mum handed round plates of dessert, thick slices of pecan pie doused in vanilla ice-cream and full clotted cream. Carla devoured hers greedily but as she leaned forward to place the empty plate on the coffee table - POP - her skirt button flew off and bounced against the wall, leaving her soft white belly to roll out in all its flabby glory. Carla stopped completely still, her face plum red, unable to believe that she had let herself go so much. She had become the fat pig with the uncontrollable appetite! She waited for the humiliation she deserved from this bunch, her family, whom she had offended, insulted and hurt so often in the past for precisely the same reason. But no insults came.

“That was one good lunch, wasn’t it!” laughed Rick, lifting his sweater to show that his jeans button had been opened a long time ago to ease the pressure on his fat gut.

“That’s why I wear a stretchy dress” laughed Tara,patting her fat round belly.

“I really need to work out!” said Carla unhappily, embarrassed.

“Oh nonsense dear” Emily calmed her down. “December is no time to diet, just enjoy all the season has to offer.”

“Your gym opens again in January anyway right?” added Alina.

“Yeah… I guess..” muttered Carla, unsure. Letting herself make the most of the Christmas season appealed to her like crazy, but she was already gaining weight like a balloon and it would be alot harder to lose than to gain. Plus she was the skinny one, it was who she was.

Alina handed her another huge slice of apple pie, completely smothered in ice cream. “Here mum, enjoy.”

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