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Originally Posted by choudhury View Post
It's always bugged me that normal guys swim in a media sea of women they rate as hot and sexy; FAs hardly ever see anyone in film or TV or magazines that they would rate that way. I remember when January Jones's character on Mad Men started 'gaining weight' via a fat suit - it was the first time that I actually noticed what a total knockout she is! Before that I'd basically been oblivious.
I'll let the "normal guys" thing slide since I willingly admit I'm anything but normal, but for me, it's the fact that those skinny women are crammed down our throats as what is factually sexy while any women we like are dismissed as ugly and those who like them are looked down upon.

I once commented to a fellow law student that I found Star Jones attractive, and she pretty much stopped short of calling me a weirdo through her nose.
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