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Carla entered Emily’s house behind Rick and took off her coat while he greeted his family. By the time he moved out of the way Emily and Tara could see exactly how plump Carla looked. She saw their jaws drop as they took in her rounded form. The looks embarrassed her, which turned her on. “I took your advice” Carla said brightly, slapping her gut. “Filling up in December as it’s no time to diet! I’ll do that in January.”
“Oh, wow, you look great!” said Tara, hugging her sister-in-law. Their bellies smushed up together, Carla noticed that Tara’s hands slid from her shoulders down to her sides, pressing lightly, feeling how fat she had grown.

As they got comfortable, Carla noticed Tara kept sneaking glances at her and finally she pulled Tara away to another room.
“Come on, look all you want” invited Carla.
“What do you mean?”
“You keep staring at me, so come on, look away. I’ve been enjoying my food alot and I’ve never been fat before, so look away.”
“I… it’s just… umm… you’ve really packed it on!” admitted Tara.
“You’re one to talk!” replied Carla. “You’ve been packing it on for years, you’re fatter than me and always will be!”
“I know I’m fat but I never gained so much so quickly!” blurted Tara. “How much is it that you’ve gained anyway?”
Carla blushed at that. She hadn’t stepped on a scale since soon after quitting the gym.
“You don’t know?” squealed Tara. “We have to check now, come on!”

The two plumpers went upstairs and dug out a scale. “Let’s see if this works” said Tara. “I’m around 210” stepping on the scale the needle ran up to 225 then down to 216.
“It reads a bit high then” commented Carla.
“No it’s fine. I was 210 in September and I guess I’ve snacked a bit too much since then” admitted Tara. Carla couldn’t help herself “You sure have porker!” and patted Tara’s belly.
“Your turn” smiled Tara. “Now, how much do you think you weigh?

This was Carla’s problem. Since she had never varied more than a pound or two in her adult life she had no idea how to estimate weight fluctuations.

“Well I was always 115 pounds and I guess I’ve gained like… 10 pounds? maybe 12?”
Tara laughed then as she saw Carla was not joking she stared at her sister-in-law as though she had sprouted two heads. “You’re not serious?”
“What? More than that?” asked Carla in disbelief.
“Umm… honey I’m not sure we should do this.” said Tara worriedly.
“What do you mean?”
“Oh I reckon you were already up 15 lbs at Thanksgiving, so now…” tailed off Tara, hefting Carla’s gut in her hands.
“Oh wow. That’s more than I thought. Oh well, let’s see. Anyway the more I gained the more I prove to you fatties how to lose it! I’ll be back to 115 by February!” and she stepped on. To her horror the needle shot up and rested at 156 lbs.

“Let’s see” Tara couldn’t keep the smirk out her voice. “156 less 115, that’s… 41 pounds. And don’t forget that some muscle has turned to flab so actually you’ve gained even more fat than you think. Will you drop that by February?” Tara looked at her sister-in-law to see her reaction. Without a word, a very red-faced Carla pushed past Tara and ran to the bedroom she’d share with Rick.

Returning to the kitchen, Tara found Emily and Alina chatting over a plate of cookies. “Oh my God, Alina, what has your mum been eating?!”
“Everything!” laughed Alina.
“Can you believe she hasn’t weighed herself since gaining, she thought she was up like 10 pounds!” laughed Tara, and the other women joined in.
“Yeah, that’s 10 pounds this week!” chuckled Alina.

“But is she OK?” asked Emily, always a worrying mum.
“Yeah she seems OK. Just hungry!” laughed Alina again. “So how much does she weigh anyway?”
“156” said Tara. “Up from 115!”
“Oh wow she’s in my territory now! I’m 160. Well I guess a little more now but thereabouts.” said Alina, her mind whirring.

Meanwhile Rick was headed to the bedroom to change his sweater for something lighter. Opening the bedroom door he stared then stepped inside quickly and shut the door before locking it. Carla looked at him from the bed where she was lying on her side, her dress pulled up above her waist. Her round belly rested on the bed, being caressed by her left hand, with her right hand deep inside her, thrusting and pumping.

“Wow, look who’s horny!” smiled Rick, already undoing his belt. “Why couldn’t you wait for me?” he asked.
“How much do you think I’ve gained?” gasped Carla, pulling her fingers out so that he could enter her.
“I dunno, alot?” laughed Rick as he spooned her from behind.
“Forty-one pounds!” said Carla, gasping again as he pushed inside her.
She slapped her fat gut, ran her hands over her creamy hips. “I’m getting real fat aren’t I?” she asked, turning her head to look at him.
“You know you are, eating like a greedy little piggy!” he replied, massaging her lower belly.
“Ohmygod don’t stop don’t stop!” she shouted.
Rick clamped his hand over his wife’s mouth as he fucked her brains out.

Christmas at Emily was usually a two-sided affair. On the one hand everyone except Carla were on a mission to eat all they could, enjoy every flavour and leave uneaten not a single holiday flavour. All alone on the other hand was Carla, making a point of eating moderately and avoiding sweets, all the while commenting on and criticising her over-eating family. She would head out for a run while they snacked on the sofa, pat their stuffed bellies and tap her toned abs for comparison.

This year was a revelation as Carla turned tables completely and was easily the one packing away the most at each and every meal…. of which there were plenty. Emily took great pride in her kitchen and this was definitely her favourite time of year, having her family close by and relaxing. While Rick and Alina normally had to put up with Carla’s nasty comments and sneak around to have more goodies, this year there were no such brakes on the festivities and they all indulged to their hearts’ content. Carla enjoyed seeing Alina filling her dresses a bit tighter, and Rick’s gut packing out his shirts a lot tighter. She knew that their fat was there to stay whereas she would lose it.

However, although she hated to admit it, she was beginning to find Rick’s fat gut a turn on. Seeing him eat until he was full, and then pushing himself further, his belly ballooning in his lap, pushing shirt buttons apart made her go weak at the knees and moist in her pants. She didn’t tell him that of course, she couldn’t give him her blessing to eat without restraint or there was no saying how fat he could get. Still, she considered, it would make January easier when even if she couldn’t eat so much herself, she could enjoy stuffing her man, and then enjoy the sex with her sexy fatty.

Their days took a routine of a large fry-up breakfast, followed by a session of watching Christmas movies on the sofa, nibbling cookies, mince pies and chocolates. A huge lunch after which they all went to bed to doze off, although most days Carla seduced Rick with her bloated belly. They woke for tea-time with more mince pies, cakes and pies then a massive dinner.

While they all over-ate at every meal, Tara and Emily soon realised what Rick and Alina already knew, that Carla would keep eating as long as her plate was re-filled. One evening the main course was a heavenly chicken pie, thick, creamy and filling. Never one to do things by half, Emily made two pies, each a good eighteen inches in diameter. The first went down shared equally between them, but then of the second pie Rick, Tara and Emily shared about ⅓ while Alina had none. Tara cut another slice for Carla and then another until the former gym rat had finished the entire pie, a solid ⅔ by herself, apart from almost quarter of the first one.

That did not stop her from taking a double portion of the chocolate mousse that followed for dessert. They all got up to move to the living room while Carla licked her plate clean. After everyone else left, Tara went behind Carla’s chair and grabbed her sister-in-law’s belly in her hands. She whispered in her ear “Oh feel how swollen this is. You’re sure feeding yourself well this year!”
“You’re one to talk” said Carla, breathless from the thrill of having her belly fondled. “You’re much fatter than me!”
“Yes but you’re getting so fat honey, you know you took almost a whole pie by yourself! None of us fatties ever did that.” With that Tara lifted Carla’s belly before letting it drop back onto her lap.
“Here piggy, have some more mousse” serving her another plateful “you know you can’t resist.”
Carla lapped it all up.

Christmas day was a feast to be remembered. Breakfast was lighter than usual, but the usual snacks were consumed. The ladies ditched their loose stretchy dresses and sweatpants for elegant dresses, all of them a tighter fit than when they were purchased earlier in December. At noon Emily provided appetisers of nuts, hams and stuffed eggs to whet their appetite, then lunch started at 1pm with a thick cream of tomato soup. They all had two servings while Carla had four. Up next was lasagne, the meat sauce rich and fatty, the white sauce thick with cream and butter. Each had a large portion, Carla had two.

Once the turkey and sides come out, everyone lost themselves in the food, taking more helpings of everything. Rick and Alina, free of Carla’s snarky comments had the best Christmas ever, gorging until they were stuffed and then guzzling some more. Carla felt her belly push out against her dress as she ate, could feel the fabric stretching as it fought to contain her swelling body. Still she ate more and more, her belly a bottomless pit of gluttony.

Tara’s dress was the first to go, a seam giving way over her rounded belly. They all had a good laugh, then Rick showed how his trousers button had long been undone to calls of “Cheater” and “unfair advantage!” By now they were all struggling to eat any more, their brows glistening with the food sweats and their jaws tired from munching.

As Carla ate another roast potato, part of it fell off the fork and to her side onto Alina’s lap. Carla turned to clean it up and the stress was just too much for her dress. The zipper that ran down the side burst open at the fattest part of her belly, and quickly ripped open top and bottom. Being sleeveless and strapless it fell off her, leaving her sitting there with her plump body on show for all to see, her bloated gut sitting heavily on her lap, her panties completely hidden by her fat round belly and juicy love handles.

After a second of silence, Carla burst out laughing and they all joined in. Alina loaded yet more turkey onto Carla’s plate before adding some cranberry sauce. She patted her mum’s fat belly which caused Carla to burp, setting off another round of laughter. Emily brought out desserts in the form of apple pie served with ice-cream and fresh whipped cream and a layered sponge and chocolate cream cake. Once those were history with Carla taking half of each cake Emily rolled out a cheese board.

When they finally finished eating at 5pm they all applauded when Carla stood up with Rick’s help. Her body was clearly plump all over, her toned body now history, but her belly commanded most attention. Sticking out under her bra like a beach ball, it hung out over her panties, completely spherical. As Rick helped her walk away to bed, the other women quietly noted with glee the way Carla’s bum and thighs rippled as she walked, the sign not of a stuffing session but of accumulated fat.

Once in their bedroom, Carla sat heavily on the bed, sated with food, dopy with the wine. She noticed that the thighs in front of her were forced apart by the sheer mass, the size and weight of the fat belly that billowed out. It took a second for her to realise that this was her own body.
“Oh God Rick, what have I done, I think I ate more just now than in the rest of my life!”
“Don’t you worry” he comforted her as he knelt down in front of her. “That’s why we’ve been using this all December” as he rubbed coconut butter over her belly.
“But I feel like a I weigh a ton! I really couldn’t make it up the stairs alone without you helping me!”
“It’s fine gorgeous” he laughed, “you’ve found your appetite and you’re enjoying delicious food.”
“Well enjoy it now, because I’ll be skinny again by February.”
“Sure” he replied, pushing her backwards onto to bed. “Then for now shut up and let me ravish my beautiful, overfed goddess.”

On boxing day they woke up to a snow-covered world outside so after the necessary huge breakfast they all put on their coats and went out for a short walk. When they passed by a kids’ play area, Alina called out “Mum, let’s go on the see-saw.”

Previously Carla used to make a big deal about being so much lighter than her daughter, so she blushed as she realised that she had now almost caught up with Alina. The two women swung a foot over the see-saw and sat down at the same time. Much to Carla’s shock, her end sank down to the ground while Alina rose up at the other end.

Laughing and cheering, Alina crowed “Wow Mum, how much have you gained?! I’m just under 170 pounds!”

To make it worse, Alina then slid herself off backwards and jumped to the the ground, leaving her mum sitting in the snow. Carla was shocked to discover she couldn’t stand up from her squatting position. Much to her embarrassment she had to roll over on to her knees, getting even more wet in the process as she huffed and puffed to stand on all fours.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a family with a young fit mum looking at her, the mum unable to suppress a smug smile at the greedy woman who had let herself go so much that she couldn’t even get up from the ground.

Carla felt her ears burning with shame, how had she ended up the fatty being laughed at? As she felt the weight of her belly sagging down under her, for the first time it hit home just how fat and out of shape she had grown.

OK, she thought as Rick helped her to her feet. That’s it, from now on I eat less and plan my workout to start as soon as we get back home!
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