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I agree with OP's premise that the term "fat admirer" seems to imply having some sort of unemotional, detached, obsession with a person's flesh while being totally apathetic to the person to which said flesh is attached. For this reason, I don't apply the term FA to myself and I only use it here among the initiated where no further elaborations are required.

However, I respectfully disagree with some in this thread that having a label is unnecessary. I believe that labels are inevitable. I think that as awareness of so-called FA's spreads throughout the mainstream, someone is going to assign a label to us eventually. I think that we are in a rare position right now of being able to get out ahead of this and label ourselves before someone else does.

I think that we need to agree on a better term before "Fat Admirer" takes hold in the vernacular the way that "BBW" has. Before we end up forever fighting an uphill battle of having to clarify misconceptions perpetuated by a poorly worded label.

For those who disagree that we don't have the level of influence required to have any impact on what we are called; consider how the term "BBW" was coined here within the size acceptance community and of how mainstream that term has since become. Like it or not BBW has escaped the laboratory, it's out there now and there's no getting it back. I'd hate for such a clumsy term as Fat Admirer to follow the same trajectory.

Let's come up with a suitable alternative to FA so our children and our children's children can grow up liking fat chicks/dudes in peace. Though by then there will probably be a cure for obesity and it will be like a Fat Admirer apocalypse. They'll be reduced to roaming the wasteland as some lost tribe of abstinent weirdos. In which case the name of their tribe will be the least of their concerns but I still think we should give them a cool name now just to say we did.
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