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When I was just over 250 Lbs. i bought several XXL T shirts because my XL were kind of obnoxiously tight. But the more I thought about it and looked at myself the XXL made me look more "sloppy Fat" if you know what I mean? They were bagger in my arms but showed a slight tightening around my middle making me look way more dumpy and out of shape.

I decided to stretch out my XL T shirts I had vigorously for 5-10 minutes before I put them on and I tended to like the look better on me. I looked like a more muscular Fat guy with a big Beach Ball gut with my T shirt straining to the max...but I thought it looked better. It was really good when I found the right new T shirt in XL that had not been washed many times yet. I think I would need to be in the 265+ Lb. range for me to have to go to XXL for me to accept the look. Don't get me wrong I am sure many people would think I needed a XXL at 250 Lbs. because of my big gut stretching the fabric .....I just didn't like the look.

On a different note it is crazy when I hold up a XXL or even a XL T shirt in the store and see how big it look's to realize it is so snug when I try it on.

On another note as about when you measure your waist and it say's 42" around the smallest part real low....but you are wearing size 26" and 38" jeans and slacks. Obviously there is a nice Big belly overhang but it is crazy to think about all that belly you can fit in there. Funny thing is my wife has been wearing the same size designer jeans for several years even after she has gained 20-30 Lbs. I estimate but somehow she stuffs all her belly into them and gets them zipped up....although leaving a huge muffin top squeezing out the top and her thighs and ass are straining the jean material something fierce. I guess it allows her to tell her friends she stills wears the same size jeans.
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