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Originally Posted by agouderia View Post
It probably has a lot to do with knowledge about how wide-spread all sorts of kinks are in general - and that is the acheivement of about 20 years of internet.

In the pre-internet age the majority of people with non-mainstream, socially approved interests/fetishes/preferences/whatever never met anyone who shared this in their real life. This often made them feel like real freaks and led to repressive behavior.

The internet allowed them to explore their personal inclinations, find out more about these, meet kindred spirits and in effect come to terms with the fact that their 'thing' is just one of many thousands of charming aberrations human nature has to offer. And thats it's okay to have these personal kinks and express them.

Especially since in the scale of deviations that have their niches in the internet, feederism actually is on the harmless side.

For me personally it was a mental liberation to find out I am not the only FFA on planet earth and being able to connect with others, also totally normal women who felt the same way I do.

Another aspect, apart from the internet, is that women today are more likely to refuse victimization. Taking on roles as a woman is also more of a conscious choice, not so much something you let yourself be forced into.
I fully agree with agouderia's perspective above from a male standpoint. Growing up I wondered if I was the only one who felt turned on by feeding, weight gain and growing fat. Discovering Dimensions, first in print form, and then online was a revelation and so reassuring that there were so many others who shared these desires, fetishes, preferences, or whatever you want to name it. This lead to me exploring other internet links and boards. I find it wonderful that the weight gain/feeding/fat community can share our thoughts, point-of-views and fantasies in so many different forums. And to AmyJo's point, my life too might have been different had I not discovered the extent of this wonderful, sharing community.
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