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I don't think it's any coincidence that the number of people that are into what we are has increased as the Internet has become more mainstream. I can't help but feel however that % wise the number of feeders and feedees in the community is probably close to the same as it was in the infancy of dimensions. The size of the community, no pun intended, is much bigger than it was, but watching the feed on Feabie, I see that the mindset of the community as a whole is still negative towards the fetish.

As a resident 13-14 lurking on these sites, with the exception of yourself, Betsy, Gina,Carolyn Owens and Kelligrl, there weren't that many feedees that were willing to put themselves out in the open to the possible criticisms from the rest of the community. That is a testament to you for being willing to do that. Sure there were others that catered to the fantasy, but as for those that were actually into it were few and far between. That seems to also be the case in the current paysite community as well. More power to those girls that play that fantasy up.

I guess I typed all that up to say that the guys and girls that are actually into the fetish now feel comfortable because of A. the ground work that you ladies put in and B. the strength in numbers from the exposure through both the actual feedism community's exposure as well as the paysite community. I would like to think that even throughout all of the in-quarrels that some of us may have had inside the community, we would still have each other's backs in the face of criticism of others.
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