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Originally Posted by happily_married View Post
I insist that you use direct quotes that I've made.

Um, no. No offense man but I kind of don't care that you've insisted.

I'm not going to go collect a bunch of quotes. Mainly because I'm an obstinate dickhead. Also, I'm lazy.

My use of the word creep was a way of summarizing your definition of a fetishist. Your definition being: someone who refuses to be seen in public with their lover, someone who overlooks a person's humanity for their fat, and someone who uses another person just for sex. All three of those qualities are inherently creepy, therefore I am concluding that in your view a person with a fetish is a creep. Maybe I'm wrong but that seems to be what you've been implying.

I disagree with your definition and I see myself as an FA with some fetishistic leanings. So, I take offense to the implication that I meet any of your criteria for what qualifies one as a fetishist.

I've never used someone for sex. I've held hands with with big women in public and have been openly affectionate. I've introduced fat women to my family. I've encouraged exercise, healthy eating, and, yes, even weight loss. To the best of my ability I have tried to love and be a good, decent, man for every woman I have ever dated. And while all this is true it is also true that I consider myself to be someone with some sexual tastes that could be considered fetishistic. So, I'm resistant to the idea that anyone attracted to fat women in a way that differs from your specific brand of attraction is considered a fetishist as you've defined it. I think that your definition of a fetishist is exactly that; your definition.
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