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ThisIsBrian can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesThisIsBrian can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Again, understand that I'm not required to present my disagreement to you in exactly the way that you'd prefer just because you said that I need to. This is an informal discussion on the internet, not the Supreme Court's hearing of Happily Married v. Fat Admirers. I'm not required to follow your protocol and you don't get to dictate terms. If you weren't so insistent upon the proper way of approaching you, I'm sure I would have quoted you by now but I find that I'm a real sucker for reverse-psychology.

And again, don't mistake my unwillingness to argue within the parameters that you insist upon as a lack of review. Everything that I've "summarized" is something that you have implied. I haven't conjured any of those implications out of thin air. I haven't mischaracterized your statements. You would like me use direct quotes so you can parse words. But this isn't that nuanced. Either my summary of your views is accurate or it isn't.

Four different times you've said that a person with a fetish is attracted to the fat itself but not to the person. You've also said that a person with a fetish will never be in a committed relationship with a fat person and will only use them for occasional sexual gratification. You've placed FAs and fetishists into two distinct categories. One category being the well-behaved, normal, FAs. The other being creepy, exploitative,(my words) fetishists.

Honestly, as Free Thinker alluded to, it isn't so much that I disagree with you that these behaviors exist or that it's a problem. I'm disagreeing with your terminology. I don't think an FA is someone who is guaranteed to behave respectably nor is someone with a fetish guaranteed to act like a pig, which seems to be what you have been implying. And I think that there is far more overlap between these two groups than you're willing to admit. You seem to be trying to draw a clear line between an FA and a fetishist when it may not always be that clear cut.
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