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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
Yah, this software came online in 2005. Dimensions started hosting the old boards in, hmmm, I'm thinking maybe late '97? But the boards were originally at the BBWQT site before she couldn't afford the bandwidth, and I think those started at the beginning of '97 or late 96?

(I got connected to the internet at home in Spring '96, and BBWQT didn't have the boards or chat room at that point. When my son was born in Spring '98 I got home in the small hours of the morning and wanted to tell someone, so went into the chat room, and I'm pretty sure it was Dimensions hosted by that point. In between those two data points I'm less sure about dates).

But geeze, this means I've been on-line, creeping fat related web sites, for twenty years now. Wow, that is a sobering thought -- I wonder how many others are still around who got their start in the online fat world with Melanie Bell's site?
Hi Tad! Thanks for the input! It was so long ago it is very vague at this point. I recall some sort of list like software. Do you remember that? Just a long line of topics that would move up to the top as a post was added, but nothing was sectioned off. Hmmm. Very fuzzy! At some point someone suggested we needed a separate board for BHM. Didn't we take a vote? I recall watching every second go by waiting for Conrad to get it up and running.

A day didn't go by that I didn't look at the Dim BHM board. Good times!

If any people from the 90's are lurking about, please say hello!

I have some free time so I'm going to play catch-up in the threads.
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