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Unhappy Webmodeling? How do you get your foot in the door?

So this has probaby been asked a million times, but I'm feeling pretty stuck, so I figured I'd post on here. I've emailed a couple of different BBW webmodeling companies and have been rejected by both. Both have said they'd keep my photos in case future opportunities come up, but I'm sure they just say that to lessen the blow.

I'm curious where to go to get my foot in the door for webmodeling or how to get into webmodeling. I'm a size 24 (310 lbs) and 19 years old, so it's not like I'm not desirable. I think I'm pretty hot! bahahaha

I have great quality photos from my Canon Rebel- super clear and crisp. I'm not sure whether I might be too small or not what they're looking for or if I'm just an awkward poser. I'd be willing to add photos if you need to see- I'm just not sure what the rules on this forum are.

If anyone has any tips, that would be a lifesaver. I'm not opposed to nude modeling and would consider some sex scenes, but would rather be doing something along the lines of Bigcuties or DangerousCurvesDesigns.

Help a newb out!
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