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man I have several lol, ill give you the short version of each one

1) coming home from work and getting a call from my very pregnant greedy wife who tells me to pick some ice cream (or some other treats) before I come home. I get home and Im introduce to a wobbling 8 months (8 months cuz theres no signs of labor yet ) bouncy wife in spandex and a small shirt. I hug and kiss her and squeeze her like a big teddy bear. for the rest of the night I wait on her hand and foot at every whim of her command

2)dating a real thin girl who slowly gains weight unintentional, we go out every chance we get to the movies, red lobster, applebees. all you can eat buffets you name it. sudden I can see starts to jiggle a bit, thighs getting rounder, belly shaking and face getting bigger, she doesn't notice until she gains 15 pounds, she confronts me that shes been putting on weight. Then swoop and say actually you look really cute with the weight and she replies "awwwww" this makes her comfortable and she really starts to pig out everywhere we go until she puts another 20 pounds

3) having the opposite a thin woman ( particually a cougar) and shes constantly feeding me, shes cooking me breakfast in bed, taking me out to dinner, cooking meals and buyung snacks, I gain 15 pounds and I confront her she rubs my belly and says I love how big and round you're getting. Im not comfortable with the weight gain but since the foods so good and shes a dominant person I allow it to continue. I stay full all through the day with her foods and my moobs get bigger and jiggler she calls me big boy, teddy bear and her big baby. she gets every excited when she learns I put on more weight, she whispers she cant wait until I hit 300

4) meeting someone whos already big, 200 plus pounds, having her butt naked and having her just lay on top of me with all her fat crushing on me.

5)being with a dominant feedee who commands me to cook her food and buy her junk food all day. (this person could be pregnant or non pregnant) but she gains weight throught the process, she constantly bosses me around and farts constantly through her eating
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