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Interesting pol and here are my thoughts.

I have to admit that I fantasise about dominant, very tall (up to 8 or 9 feet) and extremely overweight women. There are very little limit for my fantasy and the women in my dreams could easily have an BMI above 100. But it is not the weight itself. The woman of my dreams has a classic hour glass figure with ample thights, a large round butt and extremely large breasts and as said she is very dominant. I think in my fantasy weight stands for power. The women of my fantasy are active and independent. This brings me back to reality. In reality there is no 8 feet tall woman and in reality there is almost no way to be active and independent with 600 or 700 pound. Yes I have to admit that pictures of super size women arouses me but only the pictures. It stops imeditately when I see them on video because it is obvious how exhausting the live at that weight is. To make a long story short to me that is the point. In reality my ideal woman is active, dominant, has an hourglass figure, very large breasts and long hair and to come back to the question an BMI between 40 and 49.

@bicmac: It is the same for me. The woman of my dreams has become larger and larger but it turned maybe ten years ago and I would say since then it comes back from pure fantasy to something more realistic.
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