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Originally Posted by Xyantha Reborn View Post
When an ex from waaaayyyy back in the day when sends you a 'before' and 'after' picture out of the blue. The before is of him plump, and the after is of him all jacked/muscular and with no body fat.

Instead of feeling whatever he wanted you to feel, all you can do is gag and think: "Blegh. Glad I got outta there before THAT happened."

Wow.....Exactly the same way I would feel! In fact it has happened to me like this. An ex girlfriend who gained a bunch of weight when we were dating and she looked amazing ...happened to be at a restaurant bar and come over to me some years later after we had broke up....she was flaunting her new 50 Lbs. less figure in front of me....and I couldn't have been less attracted to her at that moment. Even though she new I loved her when she gained weight and got so heavy....somehow society made her think I still would be jealous and like her better so much thinner....crazy. I felt like telling her and her friend right there...."don't you get it I loved you when you were so much fatter". Like you it made it easy for me to, definitely worked out for the better.
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