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voluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot pics

I think over the last couple of years it seems that the trend is that women carrying more weight is definitely more acceptable than say 10-15 years ago. With that said there is also a certain point that a lot of us Fa's who love weight gain are kind of in denial.....when I see a pretty women she can be 200 Lbs., and much more like 300, 350 Lbs. and I consider them Beautiful because of their extra weight....where as others would think 200 Lbs. is pretty fat and they would only be accepting of them...even today as I feel the swing with people being more accepting of more weight on women they would still probably frown on a woman weighing over 250 lbs. and definitely 300 or 350 Lbs.. My blinders are up because I think Fat is beautiful and in most cases so much sexier with the roundness, softness and flowing curves then sharp bone structure and hip bones etc. A women that has such beauty and carries her Fat so beautifully is like a 12 on a scale of 10.

As far as men go....I am not to sure all I can say is I think age has a lot to do with the maturation of things. I know it seemed that my wife always liked me fit and cut up but many years later when I gained a bunch of weight and had fun Intentionally gaining ...I developed a pretty big Gut and she seemed completely turned on by her fatter husband....especially in the sack. No I know this was not during the dating stage which may have a much different result....but she sure didn't seem ashamed of her newly Fattened up husband fact she constantly was feeding me fattening dinners and much bigger portions. I guess she was happy to be the good wife who fattened up her husband. Also, I kind of thought that while I was so much bigger that other women would not be interested but maybe it was me....but during this time so many women would strike up conversation with me as opposed to before. I think there are a good amount of women in a particular age range that actually prefer men who are bigger and that even have a pronounced belly on them......obviously hygiene, grooming and confidence have a lot to do with it.

my 2 cents with my extra 40+ Lbs.
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