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Originally Posted by happily_married View Post
Generally I think preference is independent of one's own body type. I'm sure there are people out there who prefer BBW/BHM because they themselves fit that description same as there are fit people who will only date for people. This is by no means universal. In my years as an FA I've learned that a lot of BBWs prefer thin/lean/athletic guys like myself. and of course as a fit guy who prefers fat women I am nowhere close to being unique: plenty of fit people (men and women alike) prefer bigger partners.

To Bigmac's point, I think how you view that is a matter of perspective. My wife would shake her head and give an emphatic "not true" to those points. It is true that women value appearance (and I don't think anyone would ever try to deny that) a man's "worth" is not as closely tied to his appearance as is a woman's. In today's society, being a fat woman may just be the single most egregious and wide spread social faux pax one can commit. You don't see women driving around with "no fat guys" bumper stickers. Some of the world's strongest power lifters look like fat guys but they get the benefit of the doubt because they can DL 1000+ pounds raw. Or think about guys built like offensive linemen on a football team. No such benefit of the doubt exists for a fat woman. On a societal level she has less "value" because her appearance is is less pereferred.

Just an opinion, of course. People's opinions will vary based on experiences.
Are fit men just a lot more hesitant to admit their attraction to fat women and actually openly date them? I don't believe there are that many fit dudes who are attracted to big ladies and date them in public but maybe that's because of what I mentioned above.

Thin guys, though? It may be easier with them. Still, I wonder
I have a conventionally attractive, super fit step-brother, and my god can he rarely go even one conversation without the talk veering towards what he is doing exercise-wise, foods he is eating, what you "shouldn't" eat, etc.

I highly doubt he's a secret lover of fatties but it's sure an interesting concept.
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