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Originally Posted by FatBarbieDoll View Post
Are fit men just a lot more hesitant to admit their attraction to fat women and actually openly date them? I don't believe there are that many fit dudes who are attracted to big ladies and date them in public but maybe that's because of what I mentioned above.

Thin guys, though? It may be easier with them. Still, I wonder
I have a conventionally attractive, super fit step-brother, and my god can he rarely go even one conversation without the talk veering towards what he is doing exercise-wise, foods he is eating, what you "shouldn't" eat, etc.

I highly doubt he's a secret lover of fatties but it's sure an interesting concept.
Maybe he's trying to overcompensate to conceal his secret fatty love? Something slightly different, but I got into a discussion on another site re: foodies, which went a lil something like this (my name there is Fluffy):
John Ferdinand Death by metal!
I actually see a lot of thin white girls on instagram have the "foodie" moniker.
In fact, very rarely do I see an overweight girl put a picture of herself with a 1/2 pounder burger. Coz yeah, she's asking for the comments to roll in.
Fat guys sometimes take photos with food for the irony. Though I doubt they like the comments such as "lol big Dave!" or whatever their name is

Death by metal! John Ferdinand
Yeah it's very strange how White girls think food bragging somehow impresses any other homo sapien, along with their comical exercise bragging and travel bragging. Just makes them all the more boring, ordinary and redundant.

CR199 Death by metal!
I think its kind of the Yoga + Lululemon + Kale smoothies 'foodie' type we're seeing there

Fluffy CR199
I'm not thin (BMI 27.4), but I am a white girl and I'm pretty sure those girls brag about yoga and kale because deep down inside they'd rather spend the day laying in bed with Netflix and a stuffed-crust pizza. You are expected to appreciate the self-discipline they are exerting to keep their inner pig in check.

MCGOO Fluffy
''Inner pig''. I like that. That's the perfect word I was looking for. I had a story about the 'inner pig' on the tip of my tongue but I didn't have that one missing word, 'inner pig'. I'll borrow your word. Thank you.

Fluffy MCGOO
You're welcome.

MCGOO (Note from SqueezablySoft: this part gets kinda offensive in places)
Every person has an 'inner pig' I believe but some are better than others at keeping it in check. I went on a trail hiking excursion once that had a really fat chick in the group. Someone lost the food bag somehow but didn't mention it. When we were out past the point of turn around, the chubby girl got hungry and went on and on about how starving she was. When someone told her the food bag got lost, she panicked and went through many shades of psychosis and apathy. She had only missed one meal so far and she claimed she'd be violently sick if she didn't eat. She cried like a hyena at times. She was still blowing farts from the 20 pc chicken nuggets she downed earlier that morning and she claimed that her body was in crisis from starvation.

Dr Mcgoo thought this might be a good time to probe for the underlying cause of her compulsion. Low sugar perhaps, he thought, but her compulsion was acute. The psychosis subsided when her quick carbs and sugar were exhausted. She even stopped the group as she lay on her back and screamed for help from an airplane above. It was a fedex plane but not an Airbus so no chance of it crashing soon and spilling out the holliday season orders of fruit cakes and pepperidge farms gift bundles. No amount of empathy or undstanding would have helped her.

It was a churchy kind of group but one bleeding heart guy broke out with a big boy can (24oz) of coors light he had concealed and was about to begin secretly sipping on with a long straw. She wasn't a drinker but she inhaled her first beer in two seconds. The empty carbs carried her for another quarter mile as she talked nonstop and told the stupidest girly jokes. Then she imploded and cried in a puddle. Her stomach or something was killing her she claimed.

Dr Mcgoo thought ''electrolytes perhaps?''. This whole ordeal was such a fascinating looking glass into the inner labyrinth of the obese femicunt. We all packed salt packs so perhaps it was her salt. We did have water so the good doctor advised her to not overdo the salt, take some swigs of water and ''moooove that carcass onward'' The destination was right around the bend.

She made it within eyesight of the end point and then sat in a ball and froze, staring at the others as they gathered at the finish. A half mile away she sat staring and she was too heavy to carry. A pothead and somewhat musician in the group stayed with her and talked about who knows what. He had some reef and thought it might motivate her to walk herself the last little bit. Big mistake. She became hungrier than a motherfucker and whatever psychosis she displayed before now became full blown. She was literally screaming into the air and pulling her hair out. The guy figured she was a bad trip to be around at that point so he finally left her alone and headed to the group gathering at the end.

We could all see but not hear her. It looked like she was doing some kind of cool indian dance off in the distance so we waved back. She then stood up, turned and walked the other way! Into the dark she went that evening. We didn't see her for two days until she came walking up out of the trail. Mcgoo presumed she'd subsisted on nothing foodwise and had utilized the water stored in her camel humps and spare tire. We should have left her there though. She was somehow detoxing in her own way but she was a few battles shy of fully conquering her 'inner pig'. When we got back to civilization, she went on a week long eating binge at buffets and she likely put on 20 lbs.

Totally true story. . eeh . . mostly totally


I am all too familiar with this scenario. I would likely have gone through all of those stages of hunger insanity in my head, but would have kept it to myself apart from at most two brief whines and one passive-aggressive "joke" about my future plans for the loser of the food.

And I actually do get sick from hunger at times (I can scarcely put into words what a strange experience is arriving at the dinner table feeling like reheated death, taking a couple bites, excusing oneself to go puke up said bites, then returning to finish dinner with perfect contentment). Luckily I don't get sick everytime I get hungry, because I get hungry about every two hours, like tonight I had dinner at 6, its 10 now and my stomach feels like a black hole.

My inner pig could win a blue ribbon in a livestock competition, but I think for the most part it is still an inner pig and not an outer one.

Btw, interesting coincidence, my Sunday school class is going hiking this Saturday and we're going to Chik-Fil-A after for lunch. I may or may not eat 20 nuggets. Aaaand now my inner pig is going to keep me awake all night thinking about stupid Chik-Fil-A. Being an always-hungry person can really make you nuts (dammit now I'm thinking about nuts! And peanut butter! And Reese's cups! It just never stops).
Addicted to Big Boys and Reese's PB Cups. Mostly FFA, but enjoy my own padding and if people want to worship me for that, I'll let them.
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