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Originally Posted by happily_married View Post
I can only offer anecdotal evidence to support that there are fit guys who openly prefer fat women. Fit guys don't think in unison, and I can only speak for myself. On this thread are two self described fit men (me and fueling fire) who are open about our preferences. I know a lot of fit guys abhor fat women though. On a fitness forum I frequent I've actually been called out (by fit men and women alike) for having the preference I have. What's interesting is some of these guys are former fatties themselves and take a very nasty hardlined approach to people who are overweight.

I believe this could be internalized fatphobia and is a hatred of self. Many people project their own emotions onto others and don't realize they're doing it.

And you and I have discussed this on other threads, but there is a lot of merit to the idea that a lot of fit men are hesitant to date fat women out of image conscious fears. That was me until my mid-20s. And even as I started dating fat women it took some effort to get over the fear of being seen by someone I knew, or what my friends would think, etc. there is definitely a stigma to being a fit male who dates (or worse: is married to) a fat woman. Just last week a co-worker of mine who is 10-15 or so years older than me and quite the BBW discussed this with me. I don't recall how the conversation started but it evolved into a discussion on preference. I shared with her what my preferences were and alluded to my wife's shape and size and she was surprised as hell. She said she would have never guessed and because I was the type of guy (basic body type) she prefers it gives her hope to stumble into a relationship some day. But hope aside, it came as a surprise to her a fit male wants to be with a fat woman.

Regarding your fit step brother, some people treat fitness like a religion. I am happy to say I don't fit that description; it's super annoying when people are like that. He probably gives unsolicited gym advice, interrupting someone else's workout. At any rate, not everyone who is fit is like that. It's clearly important to him and maybe he'll figure out a way to tone it down a little.

He's actually a decent human being overall but it's eye-rolling annoying to have to listen to him yap about fitness 99.9% of the time the family gets together. It's not the talk that bothers me perse but the incessant nature of it. I think he does it because fitness is his validation in life and what makes him feel that's he's good enough.

My entire family thinks he's the repository of all health-related knowledge just because he is in great shape. I've come to find that most people -- in my experience, anyway -- lack critical thinking skills. They are brainwashed and believe what has been pounded into their heads since birth with little to no ability to do deep questioning. This is one reason why religion spreads.
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