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1) As a general note: As I was struggling with this over the past weekend (and this morning -- mostly sitting all day in air conditioning during the work week should let me recover, hopefully), it occurred to me that I'd seen women discussing this issue on these boards, but never guys, but that I couldn't be the only guy who has these issues. I mean, I wouldn't even consider myself full on BHM size (granted that I've always had pretty big thighs)

Originally Posted by Melian View Post
Tad, this is a huge problem for my bf. He has really big thighs, and they are a mess of chafing and stretch marks that have become irritated. He's been using Lanacane with some success, but basically has just decided to avoid walking around on hot, humid days. Poor thing. :/
2) Poor guy! I hadn't even thought of the extra complication of stretch marks in the inner thigh (granted, I'm not sure if I'd have noticed if I had any there -- I should look) Hopefully some ideas will get generated here that you can bring to him to let him try to see if they help.

Originally Posted by Crumbling View Post
All of the above.

... and the big pants shop on speed dial.
If you wear through the thighs of your trousers... those last three or four remaining threads will cheesegrater your intimates in short order.

I've lived in bib & brace overalls for the last 5 years... everything is a relaxed fit, they don't ride up or slip down and the denim starts out so heavy they just get more comfortable rather than wearing through.

It runs a little counter to Tad's points wrt the heavy seam... but the overall fit allows a little more air to circulate which helps keep things dry... and i've always found moisture to be the real enemy.
3) After I wrote my original post, it occured to me that part of the issue is no doubt that, like many fat guys, I struggle to keep my pants sitting at what is nominally my waist. I mean, imagine belting pants a little below the middle of a slightly deflated rugby ball, and you'll have an idea of how secure their position is. And of course whenever the front of the waist slips down, the crotch seam also slips down, moving the location of isse 1 and increasing the skin contact area of issue 2. I've often thought that suspenders (aka braces) would work better for me than belts, but haven't been willing to give in to that so far. Hadn't thought about bib overalls, but they would be even better than suspenders!

4) I wonder if it is actually more of an issue of the stiffness of the seam, rather than thickness? I have one pair of jeans that are honest to goodness denim, with no added stretch, no polyester blended into the cotton, a good heavy fabric ... that can be a chaffing issue for me even when it isn't too hot. I was thinking of them when I suggested thick seams, but they are of a very stiff fabric (haven't worn them in enough yet obviously), and maybe it is the stiffness of the seam that causes more issues than just the thickness on its own?

Originally Posted by dwesterny View Post
I find as long as I use dial soap I have no problems in any of my rub/fold areas. It's like a magic bullet for me, I guess the anti-bacterial properties prevent anything. As long as I use dial no powder and no rashes ever. I switched to some bullshit organic tea tree oil, mint and goat semen (or whatever) soap for a few days and the rashes started. Same with using most hotel soaps for more than two days. I could probably just use powder with any other soap and still not have a problem but this is simple and effective for me.
5) Any idea what it is about Dial soap that makes it work better for you? Or was that just a random fortuitous discovery?

Originally Posted by fat hiker View Post
Anti-perspirant on the insides of the thighs to reduce chafing against the seams; and 'athletic' wicking synthetic/polyester underwear (briefs or boxer briefs) for the really hot and sweaty days. The wicking material in these is slippery, which helps; really moves the moisture out and away; and the fit is really snug, which also seems to help.

(Yes, UnderArmour briefs are one brand, but there are many others; even that famous Canadian old-line underwear manufacturer Stanfields offers some in wicking synthetics in underwear. Not cheap, but worth the money, and lasts well too.)
6) Glad to see an endorsement of the 'athletic' underwear. I was wondering about investing in some, but reluctant to spend the money purely based on a theory -- good to have at least someone who has found this worked for them.

I do have 'biking underwear' (basically biking shorts with a bit thinner material, to wear under regular shorts or pants) that I make very sure to wear while biking in warm weather, but I've found it gets hot and uncomfortable to wear longer than really needed (plus the bulk of the shammy is annoying when not actually biking). But a couple of times when things were pretty bad, I did wear these for much of the day just to protect the already chaffed areas.
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