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To whoever stated that it seemed odd to make such concrete plans, you were definitely right haha. I didn't envision gaining anymore than 10lbs before finishing University in May 2010, making me 210lbs but now five months after that post was written I am 217lbs haha. I haven't been actively gaining but have been eating anything I've desired and perhaps been a bit more sedentary. Started to notice that my t-shirts are all too tight and my jeans no longer need a belt. The oddest thing is the reason I didn't envision gaining anymore than 10lbs over this year is that I have been around 200 for four years, apart from when I had a brief weight loss to 180ish, which swiftly was regained until I hit 200 and then, bam, it stopped again. I thought perhaps I was destined to be 200lbs forever. Even though I am not actively gaining it is nice to know that the 200lbs limit has been burst through and I am enjoying feeling softer and bigger! It is an average gain of 3.4lbs a month, I was thrilled to realised that if I continue at that seemingly small rate I'll be 500lbs by the time I'm 30. It makes you realise that even tiny gains will add up over the years!
Hah, here I am at 30 and I'm somewhere between 210 and 217lbs, not 500lbs. How naive I was and unrealistic. I guess a lot of this posting had its roots in fantasy rather than reality.
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