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Hello Heather. I have to concur with the majority opinion here that the spread of internet has opened pathways to acceptance of all kinds of social interaction and behavior that didn't even exist in the 1980s. While one could argue these proclivities have always been with us and there is nothing new under the sun, the internet and communications revolution have made it possible for even the smallest niche of kink to find its place into the spectrum of Human sexuality - and lo and behold, it isn't such a minor point after all! there are far more individuals interested in Fat Appreciation and all its attendant derivations than we thought; that is, we are not alone! Witness the absolute revolution in representation of Lesbian/Gay/Transgender as "communities" rather than the dark denizens of the closet they were 30 years ago.
Feeder/Feedee lifestyle has certainly benefited from riding those coattails - and you can proudly claim your inheritance as a pioneer in that revolution. (Yes - I am old enough to remember you in those early days, when print copies of BUF and BULGE were the first mainstream representations of what was then just another sub-culture lurking in the shadows, before DIMENSIONs took that next step into the online unknown.)
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