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Sometimes (and for a lot of people, most of the time) being fat sucks. You should think about it.
VERY true. As I know first hand, weight gain (intentional or not) is rarely a completely positive experience. To illustrate, my story, briefly, which has been told (mostly) here before:

When I married at age 52, I was muscular/athletic at 6'1", 175 lbs. I started gaining, at first unintentionally, like many newlyweds. After 20 lbs or so, I started to actually like the sensation of getting bigger, but was conflicted. When I reached 200, I was urged by my doctor to take off some weight, and decided to do so. I quickly realized that was easier said than done. I got down to 195 or so a couple of times, but seemed to shoot back up quickly if I wasn't starving myself, each time going up a little higher. I eventually realized that something had changed-my body had somehow adjusted to being fat, and losing weight would require an extreme commitment and lifestyle change. I decided I didn't want to do that, and just let things happen. And, I still kind of liked being bigger. I had more of a "presence" or swagger, or something.

Now at 57, and about 225 lbs, I've decided there are more positives than negatives about being fat for me. I have no intention of actively trying to lose weight. I still like the feeling, and love the experience of eating with my wife. (Luckily, she is clearly a bit of an FA, although she was was basically in the closet before we got married. Guess she saw some potential in me-LOL!) There aren't as many clothing options for fat guys, and I am on the edge of having to buy from "Big and Tall"-type stores. Many physical activities are much harder for me than they used to be, and I have mild hypertension. Although those things can be attributed partly to age, clearly the 50 extra lbs I've gained in the last 5 years have made a difference.

In other words, once you start gaining it isn't that easy to stop, and there are some definite negatives, so I would urge anyone to think long and hard about it first.
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