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Default To Be Or Not To Be A Feeder?

" What's your first memory as feeder/feedee? "

At the time I am doing to re-edit my Feabie's profile with newly personnal informations just for the fun to pass my while, I've begun to surprizing myself to meditate about that sentence. Why do I even begin to give myself the trouble to take some reflection about it? I thought, puzzled.

For as long I can remember being involved as regular member into the FA community, I still primarily refused to be considered myself or by everyone as a " Fat Admirer " , " amateur de femmes rondes " (I'm mainly a bilingual after all) or by any politically incorrect counterparts like " chubby chaser " , " fatty lover " , " whale rider " , " amateur de baleines " & I-would-most-wisely-avoid-having-to-list-them-all grossly used by some of the rare members from my friendly entourage I deemed - often wrongly to my own spite 😒 - not suffering to the highest ranges of intolerance/threshold of loathing' factor from that socially-preconditioned so-many-long-decennials-ago sickness of the spirit that we vulgarly named in familiar language " fatphobia " .

Not because of some kind of scorn or fetishization about all that but well because I simply consider the fact to be attracted by a woman who appeals me as natural whatever her appareance or ratio on the weight scale (though I admit to have myself some euphemically-spoken frail threshold of preconceived reluctance while is about either too-waif or hardcore-toned trim women nay heavy-muscular female bodybuilders, especially if all of them both reachs a level of near[or total...]-unfeminine figure &#128533 then just only the fact that presumably-opened, equalist, free society abhors so much exxageratively women for their so-called too full-willowy even over-standarized curves are just a lot of absurd preconceived nosense as like the simple fact to accept oneself to conform to that " Fat Admirer " expression as someone in the fringe of some socially-accepted standards.

But well, perhaps all that parasentence talkshit is justified by my own cultural background bias, so maybe I'm rekatively badly-placed to talkshitting about these details, 'cause vain.

I couldn't however knowing be aware than the whole " feederism " thing entices REALLY my attention. Am I implied into the feederism realm? Not really although the idea to involve myself as feeder has already crossed my mind a thousand of times. Then than the eight or nine tenth from my list of members whom I has subscribed are all feedees.

Still since my teenage years, every girl who involved directly or indirectly into my circle and who demonstrated either a massive put on pounds to the point to outgrowing noticeably most of their garments or a sudden longly-timed outburst of uncontrollable appetite caused in my mind a such subject of fascination.

Went to college, any skinny or slim female student who seemed trying to barely dissemble an extastically-arose looking on their frame while they let themselves go with their overeatings, which demonstrated so much even as the slightest trace of meaty cushioning upon their more-and-more cheekbone-less cheeks or less-and-less toned underchin, the littiest changing in their both way and/or pace motion to walking or swaying one's hips, the least notice of any ever-overgrowth of their curves or newborn extra curves which gotten to snuggle-&-snuggle alot against their once-loose or stretch wearing each time they fitted them if it wasn't just simply their recent purchase of newly loose or stretch wardrobes from larger sizes, all minimal jiggling motion from their now well-feeded limbs or over-burgeoning assets if it was not from their fleshy rolls or ever-pillowed belly, kindled my interest towards them with the meticulous curiosity of a scientist : but with, also, a so strongly sultry passion in my both heart and senses.

And you could say by the way than I have despite me a strange habit, since few couples of years, to unconsciously attract, friendly spoken or not, many of these girls who looks still hesistate between letting themselves blossom into that cycle of gluttony/fattening/body changing/enjoying/gluttony or just maintain compliance with standards rather than submit themselves to the whole pressures and judgements. The most kiddingly strangeful is the fact I attract them even while they didn’t thought openly wanna gain such weight before a lot of years! 😨

Of course, I’m not going to lie to you and deny that I hasn’t scarcely used of these « hazardous « opportunities for suggest them to not be so much hard about themselves when it acts about their both social & body images nay binge eating issues in these occasions where talent of persuasion, mutual charm, sense of body language signs awareness, intuition & good fortune interweaved all together so that even the most unfriendly, hostile female person against your very existence into your circle leave unexpectedly seduced nilly by your gestures, your attention towards her… but beware! Or the sslightest risk to miss somme focus or exceeding of arousal then your long-breathed connection could turn violently into a scathing reversal of fortune doubled by worst yet, as a savage beast defeating a too-hasty hunter by a lethal sight play!!

Am I a feeder? The answer is not truly. Have I already practised the feederism? Obviously yea in somehow then most times with some astounding efficiency.

But to the point to identify myself as feeder? What’s the very nature of identity nowadays? : « That is the question 》, might have perhaps answered William Shakespeare.

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