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Originally Posted by finallyfat View Post
Great watching you enjoy and adore your happy fat wife. She looks pleased to be fat for you. Clearly a quality woman. You done good. She likes you enough to give you her fat present.

That's the secret. Any woman can grow fat but a woman whose fat is erotic to herself too takes the cake. My wife has been fattening along for 20 years now- her fat is our sex dream. We share our fat secret and, well, having let it out to each other we have found the experience of loving fattening together is unfathomably erotic. I'm 63 and I can't leave her alone. And she doesn't want me to!

I have grown fat lately too. She was uncertain at first but she plays with my new fat and whispers fat things about what her hands are finding. Wifely loving fat is the best. Wifely fat felt from within your own new and billowing fat is exquisite. Lazy times eating and playing with our fat together.

I'm in the same dream as you so I thought I'd give you a salute.

To fat!
And congratulations to you, too!
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