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I realize this is a fairly old post, but I wanted to reply anyways. About a year and a half ago, my wife decided to lose some weight. At first I was fine with it, but as the weight kept coming off, I noticed myself becoming less attracted to her. And I felt like complete garbage for feeling that way. It wasn't something I could control. It just started happening. I felt like a horrible husband. I knew that I needed to love my wife no matter what and I should be supportive of her. I was actually starting to notice some symptoms of depression. I even went to a counselor to try to get some help, but he understandably didn't get where I was coming from. What he got out of it was that I didn't want her to lose weight because I was afraid that men would find her more sexy. That wasn't the case.

I eventually did tell my wife how I was feeling, but all I said was that I didn't want her to lose her curves. I didn't tell her that I was finding her less sexy. I tried really hard to make it look like I thought she was still as sexy.

I'm not sure what your situation is now, but maybe your husband was dealing with some of the same issues. I know it's not justified, but maybe it was somewhat out of his control. I hope you have found happiness.
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