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Originally Posted by joh View Post
I've noticed that when I'm with a SO who is a feedee/BBW, I don't actually gain much or any weight. It's when I'm not in a relationship with a BBW that I tend to gain weight.

It's almost as if I get urges to gain to compensate for the lack of fat. It's hard to explain, and can be confusing at times! lol

This last line explains me over the last several years. I know exactly what you mean... Although it is the lack of Fat that my wife was gaining or lack of Fat in our relationship that made me turn it on myself.

I probably would have never had such an urge to push myself to intentionally gain.....but she is a gorgeous Chunky woman....which I so very much want her to gain and get Fat. She gains... but it has been ever so slowly....even though I began the grocery shopping several years ago and buying all her favorite fattening ben n jerrys, chocolates, cookies, sweets etc. etc. That's when unintentionally I started my trend of indulging with her in deserts and ice cream after dinner every night and all of a sudden I realized I had gained a bunch of weight. I decided to intentionally gain and stuff myself so much to get my wife to notice, comment or tease me a bit for how big of a belly I developed. She never mentioned anything so I kept stuffing and stuffing until eventually I was eating 3-4 times as much each day and a lot more fattening stuff. My weight gain fascination was now centered on me. My appetite was huge and instead of my wife saying anything to me she kept making our dinners more fattening than ever and my plates bigger and bigger not to mention immediately brining me seconds and on occasion thirds even after I told her NO.....followed by massive bowls of fattening ice cream. So the roles became reversed even though she was gaining and getting heavier I was turning into her big Blimp....and she didn't seem to mind. During this time I was more turned on by How much I was gaining and How Big my Gut was becoming even more than her measly 5 Lbs. here, her 7 lbs. there.

I believe a Mutual Gaining relationship would be the most sexual, physical and mentally arousing & stimulating thing for me.
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