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Originally Posted by EMH1701 View Post
Some other people have told me they wanted to go over his head regarding said co-worker, but was afraid there would be retaliation
For what it's worth, in the military, we call that reprisal. Punishing someone for doing the right thing. When such cases are taken up the chain, it tends to work in your favor when you can point out that things suddenly get rougher the moment that you did things appropriately for the situation. As you noted: you've tried taking this up before, only for it to get ignored and for the problem to persist. In that event, if such is noted on report, either your boss, who's making a mistake by ignoring a problem, or the coworker, being a problem themselves will have something done about them. It may not be immediate, but the simple fact is that the more levels that try to ignore things just means the higher you run things up.
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