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One of my least favorite fat girl stereotypes has to be that we're all low maintenance. Because, of course, no one pays us any attention so we just have to accept whatever we're given. Yeah, right.

Let's go with the definition that was mentioned before: "demanding a great deal of attention, money, or effort." To me it should be clear that this isn't just talking about money, and so I don't know why there seem to be so many people here focusing on just that. . . . People who "require" you to buy them a bunch of shiny objects are high maintenance, yes--but not everyone who is high maintenance is like that. Not to be repetitive, but let's remember that being high maintenance means that you demand attention, money, OR effort--and I definitely require a lot of effort. Damn right I'm like that! In the words of good old Jay Pritchett from Modern Family: "Trees are like women: the best ones make you work just a little bit harder."

That doesn't mean they have to buy me things all the time to get my attention (you can't buy me). It doesn't mean that they need to kiss the ground I walk on (ew). But it does mean I like it when they open doors for me. It does mean that they don't get to talk to me like I'm "less than," or any other crap. It does mean that they're not able to do absolutely anything they want around me.

Being high maintenance is NOT a bad thing, and yes, I absolutely am.

EDIT, because it pays to be clear in these: Of course, there are everyone's connotations and all that good stuff. Much of this is my own connotation, after all!
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